Volunteer Information for Eeyore’s Birthday

Meeting Location Updated for April 24th, 2019!!!!

Eeyore’s Birthday celebrates Austin’s spirit and culture while generating sizable donations for local charities.  All this is possible because of volunteers like you.  We depend on your cooperative tendencies to make this event a success.  If you are not already a volunteer, please attend one of the volunteer meetings to sign up for your favorite crew and help us support another successful birthday celebration.  If you are a volunteer, please plan to attend one meeting for important volunteer announcements.

2019 Volunteer Meetings

Wednesday April 24th, 2019 at 7pm (We moved the meeting location due to rain!)
Volunteer announcements,  final preparations for Eeyore’s 56th Birthday Party

Independence Brewing Co.
3913 Todd Lane #607
Austin, Texas 78744

TABC Classes

The Friends of the Forest Foundation will pay for TABC classes at Texas Safety Training for any volunteers that are interested in getting certified.  The Friends of Forest will reimburse up to $25 towards the cost of TABC certification.  All you need to do is provide a receipt and a copy of your certificate at one of the volunteer meetings.  Classes may be taken at any TABC certification location.

Cleanup Crew

We need your help cleaning the park the day after Eeyore’s birthday celebration.  Cleanup starts at 8am and typically ends at 12pm.  The Friends of Forest Foundation will provide lunch after cleanup for those that assist with the process.

Volunteer Picnic

In appreciation of those that volunteer during the celebration, the Friends of Forest would like to invite volunteers to participate in the annual volunteer picnic.  Check out the Volunteer Picnic page for detailed information.

If you would like notifications of our volunteer opportunities, please sign up for our mailing list.