Eeyore’s Contest Prize Donations

Thank you for your donations!

The Friends of the Forest Foundation would like to thank the following local businesses for their generous donations to Eeyore’s causes. These donations will be used as prizes for the games, costume contests and other events during the celebration.

Childrens Bike(s) – Clown Dog Bikes

Razor 360 and childrens bike – anonymous donor

Ten X-Box Live 12month Gold Memberships – Noise.Org

Eight $25 Gift Certificates – Opal Divines

Evening Sail on Lake Travis – Outbound Sailing

Afternoon or Evening Sail on Lake Travis – Sexton Consulting

Mens or Womens Haircut – Wet Salon

Five $10 Gift Certificates – Huts/Frank and Angies

Two $25 Gift Certificates – Salvation Pizza

Five week AcroYoga series – Empowered Acro

One Crowler 3-pack – ABGB

Fifteen $10 Gift Certificates – Uncle Billy’s

$100 of Gift Cards – The Texican